TNC Patients’ Review

3 รายการ
Thank you Dr. Thanavatt at TNC for doing facial fat grafting for me.
This is done to increase the volume of my forehead and chin.
It can also help reduce my acne scars.
My friend told me my beauty looked natural and fuller like I did 10 years ago.

Mrs. Prae Matsha
-Sale representative

I made my breast surgery with Dr. Thanavatt in 2013, and the result was great and it looked so natural. Then, I came to the clinic again to make my nose surgery in 2015, and I was pleased with the result. So, I would recommend TNC clinic to everyone who wants to change her looks.

Miss Chananrat T. -Model-
I decided to make over my face with Dr. Thanavatt.
He and his staff did very great job for me...
This is day 14 from my eye, nose and
chin surgery, as well as fat grafting for forehead and cheeks.
Dr.’s work is so natural and flawless looking it exceeded my expectations.

Miss Pairin K.